World Space Week Pakistan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can any school register for World Space Week/Best Space School Competition?

Yes. The competition is open to schools all over Pakistan. Top schools, both public and private from each province will be selected as best space schools and be awarded with handsome cash prize.

How many activities need to be conducted to compete for Best Space School Competition?

There is no limit on the activities and minimum one activity is required to register. However, more the activities more will be the chances to win.

What kind of activities need to be conducted at schools?

Activities such as quiz contest, essay contest, Qirat contest, poster making etc. may be conducted. A list of possible activities is available on the website to select from. However, schools are free to conduct any activity not mentioned as per the theme of space science and technology.

Can online activities be conducted by schools?

Yes. Activities can be conducted through online medium.

How will the schools be evaluated?

All schools will upload/submit a post event report. The event will be judged on the basis of number of events, participation, ambiance, thematic relevancy, innovative ideas and media impression.

What is media impression?

Media impressions are the estimated viewers/readers of media coverage of an event (such as TV, newspapers, and web sites), and should be obtained from each media organization or web site. Media covering multiple events should only be reported for one event to avoid duplicate counting.

Can WSW activities be organized on any other dates?

The UN has declared that World Space Week will be held each year from October 4-10. Events that are organized other than these dates are not generally considered as part of WSW.

Can I conduct any activity other than the ones listed?

Yes, any creative idea is welcome but its theme should pertain to space only.